Creative Idea: Using Paper for Food Packaging

Choosing the right Food Packaging

You can choose different types of packaging, but the best packaging is the one that matches your product. Keep in mind that not all food packaging is the same. Each packaging has its own advantages and disadvantages and should be considered.

There are three things to consider when choosing suitable food packaging:

  • Packaging must ensure the safety and freshness of the food involved
  • Must attract consumers’ attention
  • Environmentally friendly packaging to reduce carbon footprint

Why Paper Food Packaging?

Paper packaging container is known for its high efficiency. The combination of the round body and the lid also provides consumers with a wide range of choices: portable, convenient, easy to open, close and store. Paper packaging looks unique and attractive on supermarket shelves filled with bags and cardboard boxes.

  • Environmental protection

The use of paper packaging made of biodegradable materials helps support Sonoco’s commitment to create a more sustainable, healthier, and safer environment for society as a whole.

  • Protection and transportation

Cartons are known for their ease of transportation and storage. In addition, Sonoco cardboard containers provide our customers with the ultimate product protection and ensure freshness and quality.

  • TopShelf Solution

Especially from a brand and business perspective, Sonoco’s paper packaging provides customers with an excellent solution that stands out on crowded shelves with its attractive and practical design.

Sonoco Asia

In current decades, food packaging has turn out to be an crucial detail in meals purchases. Selecting appropriate substances for meals packaging is crucial. The proper meals packaging cloth will decide if the meals is packed readily of transporting and garage and or will the taste and freshness of the goods be preserved.

From the attitude of manufacturers and businesses, appropriate meals packaging performs an vital function because it preserves the goods and permits the logo to face out a number of the cabinets with an super appearance. As we try closer to sustainability at Sonoco, our meals packaging is made with biodegradable substances like paper and cardboard.

Paper and cardboard are in particular used for packaging dry meals like chips, ready-to-consume popcorn or merchandise like granola and nuts. These substances also are usually utilized in corrugated boxes, milk cartons, folding cartons, paper plates and cups, luggage and sacks, and wrapping paper.

At Sonoco, we provide our customers with the right cardboard containers that best suit their products. Our paper containers are available in four diameters and different heights, depending on your requirements.

Our cardboard packaging consists of multiple layers to increase protection and keep food fresh and in good condition. In addition, Sonoco also provides customers with bottle caps and films tailored to their specific products and marketing goals.

Serving as one of the fine food packaging suppliers in Malaysia, Sonoco is transferring toward its sustainability commitments via way of means of paying precise interest to the environment. In fact, our paper cans are crafted from 100% recycled fibre and 85% post-customer recycled content. Visit our website to learn more.

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