Cooking Filet Mignon That Simply Tastes Lush and Delicious.

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It is indisputable that the most tender, buttery, delicious steak on a calf is the filet. If you’re partying, the possibilities are countless; you can even celebrate it by grilling filet mignon. But how should you cook it? Here we take a peek at a few options so you can decide-out your preferred way to make it. 

Filet Mignon: a Tender Favorite 

It originates from the tenderloin—the shortest controlled tissue of the animal, so it’s the least hard. This ultra-tender portion of meat is also very meager. There isn’t very much fat to combine to its zest and mouth-feel in the final product. Consideration is a must to serve the meat and to enhance the cut’s taste.

What Makes a Yummy Filet Mignon?

The classic filet mignon will have a tender, soft, and lush inside with a flavorsome, crisp outside. While equivalent to the taste, these are two very distinct objectives, and each one of them will take its special preparation to finish.

Soft and Juicy Inside

It is always right to begin with, the center of the meat. Most connoisseurs of the divine filet mignon would acknowledge that it’s an imprecation to allow the filet mignon grilling beyond medium-rare (130°f [54°c]). That’s why, if it’s made much further, the cut loses its buttery smoothness.

  • Smoked filet & pan-seared

This approach works great. We discovered that the smoked meat grew a full 22 degrees up to 54°c while holding—ideal medium-rare doneness. 

Following the food rests, bring a saucepan up to medium heat for approximately 3 minutes before adding the steak. The steak is pan-seared for around 2-3 minutes on all sides, long enough for caramelization and the Maillard effect to happen. As a result, the method gives the meat browning and flavor.

  • Finished in the oven

Expert chefs begin with the next method’s searing and then carry the lining to the oven warmth. Typically, the same process before cooking filet mignon steaks for 2–3 minutes on every side in a preheated vessel. The steaks are then shifted to a metal baking sheet and set on a 232°c oven medial rack. Let it rest for a couple of minutes, and you are good to go! 

The Final Takeaway

Both two-stage techniques work adequately. The taste of the meat’s inside will be delicate, while the smoked steaks will have a more satisfying flavor. The result will be something like the grilled steak tips from all sides at medium-rare glory will entirely turn out to be delicious. 

Happy filet mignon weekend, lovelies!

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