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Changes In Mouth And Throat Indicating That Something Is Wrong

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When to see a dentist in a Cary family dentistry? When it hurts or when it starts causing discomfort. However, there are some changes in the mouth you should look for. These changes might be pointing to some problem. So, let’s see these changes:


Lumps or Mass on Gums

It is a sign of an oral infection such as a local abscess. Common causes of infection are food particles, plaque and tooth decay. The risk of infections is high when you have a weak immune system. Sometimes, lumpy gums are also caused due to trauma and canker sores. If you find bubble-like lumps near the root of dead teeth, these lumps are called dental cysts. Granuloma gravidarum or pyogenic granuloma are small lumps on gum lines in pregnant women.


Bleeding Gums

Bleeding of gums points to some gum disease which is in the first stage. This disease is called gingivitis. If you ignore this disease in the first stage, it will lead to serious periodontitis. This happens when you do not remove plaque. Do not skip flossing and brushing your teeth. There are germs in plaque causing inflammation and irritation. This will not necessarily hurt or cause sensitivity but you will notice bleeding when you brush your teeth.    


Swelling of gums or tongue

Inflamed tongue or gum indicates oral infection. Coxsackievirus, herpes simplex and there are certain bacteria causing these infections. You are more prone to these infections if you have a weak immune system. If you notice that your tongue is suddenly swollen, hold allergies responsible for that. Shellfish, peanuts and there certain medications that can trigger allergies. Visit a Cary family dentistry for treatment.          


Lumps on the tongue

These painful lumps are inflamed papillae. You will notice this issue when you drink or food that is too hot or you bite your tongue. However, some hormones and stress are also responsible for this problem. Usually, this problem is healed on its own. However, if it does not, visit a Cary family dentistry and get treated. Eruptive lingual papillitis is another condition causing painful lumps on the tongue.


Blobs in throat

Usually, these blobs are at the back of the throat. If you find chunks or yellow or white blobs at the back of the throat, these are tonsil stones. This is a common and minor problem caused due to debris such as bacteria and mucus. Minor tonsil stones can be removed with gargling hot salt water. When not treated on time, this can cause swelling difficulties.


So, see a dentist in a family dental care in Cary.

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