Can You Use Regular Batteries in Solar Lights?

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If you’re looking for a straightforward answer to this question then simply no. The regular batteries specifically the alkaline-based batteries aren’t suitable for solar units. These are not mainly manufactured to use in solar panels. However, in case of any emergency or to fix the light for short period, you can use the regular batteries but not for a longer period. According to the rule of thumb, it is advised to not keep the regular batteries in your solar panel for more than a week. If you required batteries to replace the damaged cell simply go for the NiMH & NiCd which are considered as the two primary forms to use in solar light.

Solar Batteries Vs Regular Batteries

Solar batteries provide a strategic way to keep energy and get recharged every day through sunlight. However same like the other cells, solar batteries also lose their capability to hold enough charge with time. Whenever you find your solar batteries not storing enough power just quickly move to the replacements to protect your solar light.

NiMH & NiCd are also rechargeable regular batteries that can get functional through daily charging with sunlight. However, every battery comes with different specifications about where to use it and how it should be charged or recharged. Solar light batteries are created in a way to store energy from the sunlight and release that energy at night. On the other side, regular batteries especially alkaline-based batteries aren’t rechargeable that’s why you should avoid them use for a longer period in your solar panel.

The alkaline-based batteries are not mainly designed for solar lights and using them for a longer duration could lead to the following issues:


It is advised to not use regular batteries in your solar panel because these are supposed to dispose of once they run out of charge. As the regular batteries aren’t rechargeable so using them on your solar system leads to charge drainage so fast results in corrosion of terminals along with charging issues.

System Failure

Another issue you might face while using regular batteries for your solar system is a permanent system failure. Yes, you heard it right. As the regular batteries have charging issues and the inability to store charge results in damage to the system permanently.

Invalidate Warranty

As we have clearly mentioned above that the regular batteries aren’t for the solar system. The solar lights have longer warranty life but you need to follow the terms and conditions of the manufacturer. They know which batteries can safely replace the system manufactured by them that’s why always go for the batteries recommended by manufacturers.

Bad Performance

Do not expect the regular batteries to power the solar lights for a longer period. These batteries will only help you to run the solar panel for a shorter duration. As they’re not manufactured for the solar system so you shouldn’t depend on them completely. The regular batteries will not meet your needs and expectations.


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