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Best SEO Methods – Tips For Generating Leads

Best SEO Methods
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Are you looking for the best SEO methods for generating leads?

When it comes to generating traffic and positioning yourself in the major search engines, everything starts with what is known as “SEO”.

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it means that your Internet pages are optimized so that they can be found quickly with certain keywords according to your target market. SEO doesn’t have to be a time consuming or difficult process. In fact, you can quickly optimize your entire website in less than 30 minutes, just by making a few quick adjustments and modifications to your existing pages. In the case of: anchor texts, titles & headers, tags, keywords and site map inclusion.

Title & Headers Tags:

A small title tag should describe what your website is about and not just contain the URL of your website, you should always include your main keyword phrase in the title tags of all of your Internet pages. Example: Don’t just name your site “your domain name”, name your most important keyword. The title tag can be found at the top of your HTML document. It appears in the search engine results. Header tags also play an important role in search engine optimization, because by using header tags in the content of your website, you are able to emphasize important text passages and thus ensure that these passages of text are viewed as particularly important by search engines.

Create a sitemap:

You can create free sitemaps using services Start by entering your main page url. Then save your XML file and upload the root directory of your website. You will want to update your sitemap every time you add new pages to your website so that it is always up to date and search engine spiders visit your website again to list new pages as they are published.

Finally, create a free Google Webmaster account  and add the URL to your sitemap so you will be able to instantly update it and drive traffic for it watch all of your internet pages.

Keyword proximity:

When the time comes to develop content so that your page is optimized for search engines, you should pay attention to the closeness of the keywords and the order of the content itself. The meaning of your keyword is primarily based on where it is in the content. A keyword phrase that comes at the end of the content is considered less important than a keyword phrase that comes first in your article or content.

Anchor text :

Anchor texts are extremely important in search engine optimization. With anchor texts, you describe a link, internal (a page links to another page) or external (where you link to an external website).

Example: This is a normal but an anchor text based link looks like this: Your keyword phrase anchor texts are important because they allow you to rank by certain keywords, not just the URL of your website.

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