Benefits Of Freelance Online English Teaching

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We love online English language teaching.

Sure, working from home is a few minor challenges.

Occasionally, there are feelings of loneliness, and we may never wear non-stretched pants again (OK, we’re good at that part!).

But the downsides can be overcome easily. Online teaching is worth it!

Would you like to know the best part?

Flexibility! That means more time for yourself.

It gives me the freedom to stop for a while or travel where we want to. And it saves me from the fearful commute of the morning.

Moreover, the extra money would not hurt in your pocket either.

The demand is super high for online English teachers! There’s never been a better time to search for jobs from home for online teaching.

And we know from experience that it can feel overwhelming by selecting so many teaching opportunities for online ESL.

This is why we have put together a survey of some of our favorite online companies that hire English teachers!

Let’s look at two crucial things you’ll have to do before you send your application in before we jump to any conclusion.

Before applying for an online English teaching job, two things to do.

1. Hold a bachelor’s degree and be fluent in English.

Alright, while many companies do not need a degree online, you mostly need proficient English language skills and a college degree (which doesn’t have to be in education).

2. Make a list of must-haves online English teaching jobs.

Before you begin to find a position online, ask yourself:

What does an online English teaching job want? For us personally, three non-negotiables were:

  • A flexible online curriculum (without set hours)
  • The freedom to travel during my work
  • Great salary!

As promised therefore, here is our overview of the best teaching opportunities online.

Why Choose us?

Would you like to teach adults? Would you like to teach kids? Do you want to make a bunch of money? (You know you do!)

Our teachers get free signup access and get paid $18 — USD 24 an hour, along with the opportunity to receive bonuses based on their number of students and their online feedback from students, as well as direct contact if that’s the case.

Teachers need to teach ten peak hours a week (within the 10 hours, at least four hours need to be during the weekend), and no job posting required making it very time saving for everyone.

This should give you lots of time to study, make orders, or play with your dog. (Or cat. We also like cat people!)

We are the world’s leading online tutoring platform.

They are looking for people who want to have a passion for education and combine it with a full or part-time work-out from home.

If you are a former or retired teacher or even a working teacher who wants to supplement their revenue, it may be appropriate to teach English language students online.

You are looking for a lovely homework job that offers flexible working hours and a highly competitive salary?

Then it’s time to join our rapidly growing online teaching team.

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