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Beginners’ Guide to Using a Portable Mesh Nebulizer Mask.

Portable Mesh Nebulizer Mask
Written by Jessy

Have you recently got symptoms of cough or asthma? Then, we understand how difficult the situation is for you, especially when it comes to getting relief from the irritation symptoms. Perhaps, what comes as the most challenging thing is having a child facing respiratory problems. Watching your little superman coughing may seem harsh to you. On the same note, asking them or making them use the inhaler can be more daunting. Thankfully, nebulizer masks have been one of the most effective alternatives. Being convenient and comfortable, portable mesh nebulizers have been trending medical equipment nowadays. 

Wondering what a mesh nebulizer is? Here’s a quick brief to go through. 

Typically, there are plenty of best nebulizers available in the market. They are, in actuality, the electric devices that roll the liquid medicines or syrups into a fine mist. The mist goes down the tube and comes out as a mist through the attached mask. For kids, even for adults, who are prescribed medications for their lungs, a nebulizer is the right thing for them. They help address health problems like cystic fibrosis, coughing spells, breathlessness, excessive mucus and phlegm, COPD, asthma, and asthma attacks.

How to use one? 

A portable mesh nebulizer is very much easy to use if you follow the basic instructions in the right manner. Here’s a quick overview of it; take a look. 

  • Make sure to rest the nebulizer on a plain surface that ideally supports its weight. 
  • Plug the cord into an outlet. 
  • Wash or sanitize your hands properly to ensure that no bacteria or dirt is transferred to the nebulizer. 
  • Remove the top of it, insert or pour your medication into the machine chamber. 
  • Connect the tube to the liquid section while attaching the mesh nebulizer mask to the child’s face. 
  • Please turn it on and ask your child to sit up straight so that the medication flows appropriately. 
  • Another thing to look for is appropriately cleaning the mouth and nose and ensuring there are no gaps. 
  • Gently, ask your child to take deep breaths until the medicine is finished. 
  • Remove the mask and switch off the nebulizer. 
  • Wash your and your child’s hands, and lastly, clean the nebulizer machine. 

After reading the last instruction, you may wonder how to clean your nebulizer mask. 

Remember, cleaning it regularly won’t let the bacteria and dirt accumulate on it. To clean it adequately, follow these baby steps:

  • Wash the cup and nebulizer mask after each usage with some lukewarm soapy water. 
  • Air dry all the components after that. 
  • If you are using a disinfectant solution, mix it with three parts of water and one part of vinegar. 
  • Further, soak the portable mesh nebulizer machine into the solution for at least 15-20 minutes. Bear in mind not to soak the compressor tube. 
  • Rinse the parts thoroughly with lukewarm water and air dry before packing it again. 

In the end, the best nebulizers are not that easy to locate. So ensure to invest some time in research and look for a portable and rechargeable nebulizer that allows you to have treatment on the go! 


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