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All You Need To Know About Dental Implants

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Teeth add beauty to our overall look, don’t they? Having missing teeth can be uncomfortable, and this can further make eating, smiling, and being in public uncomfortable. Nobody likes to be in such awkward situations. That is why more, and more people are looking forward to dental implant procedure. Yes, this dental treatment can surely bring back the lost confidence. Want to know details?

Below is a full insight of what dental implant procedure is and how it helps. Let’s discuss!

What is a Dental Implant?

Well, dental implants are basically the foundation of bridges, crowns, and dentures which are used to replace the missing teeth. The implant functions as artificial teeth to support the denture, teeth, or bridge. These implants are made of titanium metal which is inserted in the jaw and adds as a solid base. The implants are left undisturbed for a period of several months while the soft tissues and surrounding bones grow around the implant. Thus, making it a permanent and natural tooth root.

What can Dental Implants be used for?

Wondering, how the dental implants are used? Well, there are three ways in which a dentist can incorporate these dental implants to enhance your beauty. Let’s have a look!

Single tooth– When the replacement is done for a single tooth, then the dentists go for single tooth replacement dental treatment. In this dental implant procedure, the surrounding teeth are not affected, and the focus is solely on a single tooth.

Multiple teeth– When there is a replacement of multiple teeth, then the dentists use bridges to replace the multiple sets of teeth.

Implant Denture– In case, you have lost all your teeth. Then, the dentists go for complete replacement of teeth. This is supported by six implants for upper teeth and 4 implants for lower teeth.

Dental implants give your teeth a fully-functional and long-lasting replacement for your missing teeth. Below are a few things you should know about the dental restoration procedure. Read details!

  • Implants make eating easy and restore proper functioning. With the help of the implants, you can easily chew food and get back your smile naturally.
  • The dental implants can also prevent bone loss. One a tooth is lost, the surrounding bone starts getting deteriorated as well. In the dental implants procedure, the teeth restoration material is added to the roots which imitate the stimulation of jawbone.
  • One common myth about the dental implants procedure is they are less expensive in the long run. You can get the treatment in a few minutes, and you don’t need much aftercare for the implants. These have a long life and don’t usually need any replacement. This means the procedure can actually help to save money in the long run.

Considering the amazing benefits of dental implants restoration, we can say that this is a great investment. If you are looking for the best way to replace the missing teeth and enhance your smile, then you should go for the procedure. All you need is a reputed dental care clinic like – Howarth Family Dental Center. You can refer to their official website to get the necessary details. Visit now!

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