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All About Organic Spray Tanning You Need to Know this Festive Season

Organic Spray Tanning
Written by Jessy

Hello lovely ladies! Maybe you are one of those who are relatively new to the concept of spray tan. Or else, it could be that you already have experienced the chemical-based tanning previously, and now you are eager to know more about the organic spray tan in OKC, which is eventually positively trending these days. 

Before we dig into the details, let’s go through what exactly spray tanning is and how it works. Because there is nothing better than knowing more about it, mostly you are all set to try on it this festive season. 

How Does Spray Tanning Work in General? 

DHA is an ingredient, also known as Dihydroxyacetone, that delivers a bronze look overall. It develops the golden brown color on the skin surface. The colorless three-carbon sugar element is applied on the skin and further performs a cause and effect with the skin amino acids, hence, providing a tanned look. Well, not to worry, as DHA is not something like other harsh chemicals. It is found to be 100% safe and only responds to the skin cells’ upper layer. 

Talking about the expected outcomes, then it usually takes at least half an hour to a maximum of 8 to 10 hours to see that golden glow. Rest, the topmost spray tan professionals have always stated that it eventually depends on the amount of DHA present in the solution and how well your skin type responds to it. Also, choosing a tan shade that is closer to your skin tone makes a huge difference. So, make sure not to be an orange face and keep it minimal and natural. With proper aftercare, a standard organic spray tan session can stay upto two weeks or more. After a particular time, it will begin to dissolve within the skin layers that naturally undergo the shedding process. 

How Safe Is a Spray Tan?

Spray tan in OKC has been a hot trend and is still in the rage of the beauty world. DHA, which is the primary element, helps to achieve the look without any sun exposure. Yes! The sunrays that actually carry more of the health risks with them. This is why getting a bronze look with an organic formula is far much better than wasting your time burning yourself under the harsh sun. What makes spray tan a safe and reliable beauty trend compared to the chemical-based tan formulas is that the DHA ingredient is tested and approved by the FDA. 

In this article, the final word we have to share is to always encourage all beautiful women to try something natural and harmless. However, the first call is to locate a professional spray tan salon near you that used a water-based and hypoallergenic tan formula. 

So ditch the damaging sun rays and go for a quick spray tan shower while saving time and energy. Definitely, there is nothing better than organic spray tanning to hide those stretch marks, scars, and spider veins.



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