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A Quick Guide to Crystal Healing Therapy at Home

Written by Jessy

Crystal healing therapy is a term that applies to a specific kind of treatment which includes putting crystals on the body as well as near the close spots to help keep the negative energy away. Crystals have been around for centuries. They’re an instrument which works with your energy field to assimilate, center, and direct energies.

Keeping Your Crystals at the Right Spot

Individuals put different crystals in fascinating spots, yet some like to place them in their handbag, bag, or pocket. They additionally function admirably when tucked around the house, based on what they do.

Another extraordinary spot to put crystals is on your end table since you can feel their energy while you rest or work at your PC in the office. It’s ideal to keep them in spots close to them for a considerable measure of the day.

We recommend keeping a small crystal in your bra to heft the positive vibes around with you throughout the day. Sounds unusual, yet trust us, it’s a thing you will love and feel itself!

Types of Crystals for Beginners:


It’s a lovely and plentiful stone. It disposes of addictions, troublesome practices, improves your instinct and builds your otherworldliness. Amethyst is a pretty popular choice when it comes to crystal healing therapy for rookies or intermediates. It has amazing properties and you can easily find it online at different stores.


Known as the stone of progress, citrine acquires energies of individual force. It’s incredible at disposing of adverse energy and ideal for individuals in requesting vocations. If you have joined some energetic healing courses online, you will definitely come across citrine amid your learning process.


This is known as the stone of karma. It’s useful for mental forces, cash, harmony and favorable luck. Whenever individuals hold this stone they state unconstrained chances of karma out of nowhere begin to drop before them. It’s an incredible stone to help improve your vocation. Although not as popular as the above-mentioned crystals, aventurine is still a decent option of crystal as a beginner.

Clear Quartz

It’s extraordinary for building focus, parity, energy and lucidity. Rose quartz is a most loved among ladies since it’s known as the affection stone, assisting with improving one’s feeling of self-esteem before freeing them up to the adoration that anticipates them on the planet.

If you are looking for crystals for beginners that can help center your concentration and motivation to a positive side.

Does the size of a mending precious stone matter?

The energy of crystal shifts relying upon its size, yet you can ingest energy regardless of how large or small the precious stone is. Fundamentally, the greater the precious stone, the more properties of energy it uses. There are gems which are as tall as 5ft 8 and as small as a solitaire. Whatever the size, you can be stunned by the measure of energy they give you.

So these are some interesting facts about crystals for beginners and therapy that will amaze you. What are you waiting for? Join some energetic healing courses online today to learn great tricks and benefit your body, mind, and soul without any side-effects!

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