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9 Funny Pre Wedding Shots You Must Try

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A pre-wedding shoot is among the best times of life. It is more candid and realistic than the actual wedding shoot. It gives you a chance to spend quality time with your would-be. In addition to this, you can make good rapport with the wedding photographer during the pre-wedding photoshoot.

Many people think that pre-wedding shoots aren’t so important. Such people miss the lifetime opportunity of capturing life-changing memories to save just a few bucks. On the contrary, pre-wedding shots allow you to share your most romantic moments of life with your friends and families. Apart from that, such pictures also enhance the glory of your wedding album. Nowadays, couples are also using their pre-wedding photos on their wedding cards to make them more alluring.

Now, I think you have enough reasons to hire a wedding photographer in Somerset for a pre-wedding shoot. But, have you ever thought about which themes and poses you try during such photo sessions? Gone are the days when people got attracted to simple romantic poses. These days, you need to be a bit creative to get the attention of the audience. Don’t lose your heart. In this article, we are going to introduce you to 9 funny pre-wedding shots that will add a twist to your album. Here we go

What About Kick?

Let your lady enjoy this pose. It would look extremely funny & cute when your bride poses, like kicking on your bumps. Try out this shot and make your pre-wedding shoot more bright.

Try Miniature Photography

Nowadays, Miniature photography is in its full swing. You should include it in your pre-wedding shoot. Your pre-wedding album will look adorable as well as engaging with unique miniature pictures. Turning into a miniature in the big world is a fantastic and cute way to express your affection towards your partner.

Take Your Pet Into Pictures

Taking your dog or any other pet into the pictures is another way to elevate the cuteness. Whether it is the outdoor or indoor shoot, furry faces always give a unique joyful touch to the images. So, don’t hassle your cat, dog, rabbit, etc., to be a part of the pre-wedding shoot.

Shoot In Gym

As per the expert wedding photographer, a bit sporty look also adds fun to the pre-wedding pictures. So, if you both are fitness freaks, it would be great to shoot some photos in the gym.

Gender Reversal

If you really want to be creative with your pre-wedding photography, you must try gender reversal shots. In such pictures, female partners become male and vice versa. It produces extremely funny results and makes your pre-wedding shoot fabulous.

Flying Pose

Flying poses are also highly trending these days. In this, one of the partners is shown flying high with a balloon, just like floating into heaven and the other partner tries to stop them by holding the hand. Balloons symbolise happiness; therefore, using them in pre-wedding shoots is a fantastic idea.

Dress Up Like Chef

You can also dress up like a chef and ask your photographer to take pictures in the kitchen. The clicks in the kitchen will surely lighten up your pre-wedding album without burning your pocket. So, what are you waiting for? Go and try this shot today!

Ride-On Scooter

Want to try something more entertaining? What about stopping your female partner from running on a scooter? Many people like this type of shot, and you must try it.

Go Smokey

Smokey pictures never go out of trend. Hence, you should add some smoke fire shots in your album to make it more colourful and enticing.

In Final Words

The above pre-wedding shots can make your memories more joyful and exciting. So, meet your wedding photographer today and ask whether they can shoot such photos for you. If yes, book them right now.

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