6 Best Social Commerce Trends That Can Bring Amazing Sales & Revenue

Social Commerce Trends
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Social media is a constantly evolving space, and as a brand, you must stay up to date with its latest trends and updates. 

Ever since the inception of Social Commerce, the brands who have leveraged this strategy have noticed incredible growth and results in their business profits. 

To simply put it across, social commerce is the process of selling and promoting products and services through various social media platforms. 

Just like other sectors, the social commerce industry has also come across significant transitions, and changes and has risen to become the most sought-after strategy amongst businesses that you too should be knowledgeable about. 

In this blog, we shall be telling you about the best social commerce trends that have, in return, given amazing sales and revenue to brands. 

Let’s get started! 

Amazing Social Commerce Trends To Get More Sales & Revenue

Easy & Frictionless Purchase Journey 

The major shifting trend noticed by brands and their users while leveraging social commerce is the ability to purchase products in an instant! 

During the regular shopping scenario, the main issue noticed by users was the prolonged process of completing the purchase journey. 

Social commerce seamlessly solved the journey as it allows users to complete the shopping process, including checkout, in a few clicks. 

This makes the process much quicker, faster, and simplified, which leads to customers purchasing more products and taking up more services. 

The brands do not have to worry anymore about cart abandonment and low bounce rates on the website ever since this trend has come into the picture. 

Live Stream Shopping 

Even though Amazon India was the first platform to start this trend, it has now been adopted by other major platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

Live stream shopping allows brands to go live and convince their customers to shop products from them. 

By Live streaming, brands can target their potential customers personally by giving them product tutorials, recommendations, and taking their queries on the spot and answering their questions. 

This is a great opportunity to skyrocket your revenues and sales by targeting customers by directly interacting with them. 

Collaboration With Influencers

Influencers are called influencers for a reason, and they do an incredible job of convincing customers to purchase products. 

Influencers are the famous faces with whom brands collaborate to promote their products. 

They create content by keeping the brand and its products in the limelight and motivate their followers to purchase the product. 

Collaborating with influencers is an amazing way to increase brand awareness and sales. All you need to do is collaborate with influences that have prior experience and cater to your brand’s niche. 

Shoppable User-Generated Content 

User-Generated content is the most powerful, authentic, and genuine form of content found online, and users highly rely on such content before purchasing a product. 

e-Commerce brands have started leveraging shoppable User-Generated Content into their business. 

Shoppable User-Generated Content is the content created by the users while using the product that they post on their social media handles. 

Such content works extremely well to convince target customers to try the brand and its products since customers always tend to trust other customers more than the brand’s published content. 

Usage Of Augmented Reality 

Another major concern of users when making their buying decisions is how the product will suit them. 

Using augmented reality, the users will get a better understanding of the product’s specifications – its exact color, the quality of the product, its style, etc. 

Getting an understanding of such details before making the purchase would ultimately help the customers to choose better products that cater to their needs and requirements, and it would ultimately lead to a better experience for the user that would make them convert into existing customers of the brand and eventually lead to more conversions and sales. 

More Focus On Low-Cost Products 

Brands have started showcasing their low-cost products while utilizing social commerce. This is because social media users mostly use the platform to make connections, interact with their friends and family members, or take inspiration from the platform. 

Displaying best-selling low-cost products on the platform can convince the users to stop by and analyze the product closely. There is a high chance that they might be compelled to buy the product due to its price point, leading to sales and revenues. 

Closing Note 

Social commerce has made a solid place for itself in the social media world. All major labels and small start-ups are highly using this amazing marketing strategy to benefit the most from this strategy. 

We are at the end of this blog and are sure that you must be convinced to try out social commerce in your business plan. 

Here are a few trends that you need to stay up to date with and utilize immediately to witness a phenomenal growth in your sales and revenue! 

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